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This is a Post About Chooch Getting His Nails Clipped, You’ve Been Warned

I had resigned myself to being one those puppy parents  but now it appears we have crossed the threshold into THO-HO-HOOOOOSE puppy parents.  Just so you know, in addition to having his nails trimmed, he also did the following things this week: pooped, licked his puppy privates, chewed his own foot, and ate a beetle.  OMG HE IS SO SPECIAL.

Chooch’s nails had achieved falcon-talon status, and since he is petrified of the luxury motorized nail file we got him, it was off to Petsmart for us.  Aside: a solo trip to Petsmart with Chooch is, like, an emotionally draining event.  I get the impression this is the smallest, teensiest, 4% glimpse at what traveling or shopping with a small child must be like.  THIS FRIGHTENS ME.  I mean he is pulling, coughing, beagle barking, leaping onto kids, and if you take your eye off him for ONE second that leg gets lifted and you’re doing the walk of shame to the oops station. Did you know it’s difficult to hit all those stupid buttons on the checkout card-swipe device thing when Chooch is leering at every item like the world is his tree trunk?

As for the trimming, umm he was terrified and was giving me the most pathetic look ever.  And of course I was on the other side of the counter cheering him on and documenting baby’s first trip to the groomers!


On quite a separate note, anyone out there in the market for a commemorative Washington Redskins fleece throw? Jeff brought this atrocity home from work… a freebie he just had to accept 🙂 Pookiewookiebear, I love you, and someday, God willing, you can have a basement mancave and cuddle in an NFL blanket till your tender sweet sportsfan heart is content.  That day is not today.


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