Chooch · Zoo

Wooooo Wee!

We had a hot weekend here on our little plot of the Eastern seaboard! (You probably hadn’t heard).  Poor Chooch had a heckuva time Friday morning, he had a 3 minute romp with Bernie the obese labrador and was DONE for.  Here is some imagery from his walk Friday afternoon… note this was about 3 feet inside the front door:

Ugh.  And I could kick myself, swiftly, over this. I had been meaning to add these herbs to the deck box all week and my lazy self never succeeded in accomplishing the chore.  And the little sprouts didn’t make it through Friday 😦 But when the heck is there time during the week to bust out your gardening tools, glove up, and plant crap?! Ugh. I’m sorry I let you down, sweet innocent parsley and cilantro! Google tells me that plants CAN feel pain so I feel kind of guilty over this! 😦

Saturday was rough but a merciful break from Friday.  My tour group at the zoo cancelled over the heat so I was interpreting instead (just standing outside one exhibit explaining).  3 hours with the Przewalksi’s horses and I was a sweaty and parched mess, and I myself smelled like an equine.  This is what the car registered at when I climbed back in!

We’re down to ninety something today so balance is restored to the world.  I didn’t mind it all that much in the first place, it’s going to take more than that to make me dislike summer! Brang it, Mama Nature!

This weekend was also a sad one in world events, and I won’t attempt to discuss it because I can’t do justice to serious issues.  I can only say the Norway stuff is so heartbreaking 😦 Amy Winehouse I have to work a little harder finding sympathy over, but sad too. 

Alright… off to find some productivity, hopefully… have a happy week, everyone!


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