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Reading Rainbow: The Corrections

So, one of the things I want to use this bloggy-poo for is keeping track of the stuff I read.  I’ve kept an Amazon list for a while and it helps me remember old favorites that I want to come back to sometime.  Also I love getting recommendations and reviews from others, so I feel like this is my little way of giving back, right?!

Let’s kick things off with a doozie! I just finished The Corrections by Jonathan Frazen yesterday.  Wow, dudes! It was a wild, wild ride which is exactly what I said about Freedom, actually his more recent novel which I read first and adored.  Pick this sucker up when you feel like really immersing yourself in a story for a week or two.  You’ll wait forever to get it from the library, it’s massive, and it is a royal pain to haul around in your purse for all that time, but it’s definitely worth it.  (I guess this is a good time to voice my opposition to those demon e-readers… save the printed page!!)

Via Amazon

Anyway, this novel is the story of a really REALLY dysfunctional family and its matriarch’s efforts to bring everyone together for one final Christmas before her husband’s Parkinson’s deteriorates.  You probably are saying “aww” here, but the guy is a truly despicable character.  Bad, bad, very bad egg. 

Well I won’t drone on with plot details.  It is GREAT and engrossing family study, which speaks to the neurotic and endearing qualities in all of ours.  And as an oldest sibling, I found myself nodding in agreement with my fictional counterpart in the book.  Somebody out there understands our plight!!!  

To help quantify things, I’ve developed this… WOMBAT RATING SYSTEM! Yea that’s right.  You love it.  The Corrections is officially bestowed with 4/5 woms:


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